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Bergamo Airport

You know you’ve landed in the beautiful country Italy when you see a church in the arrivals hall and the airport food smells better than the finest food cooked at home. Milan Bergamo airport might be small in size but is one of the busiest airports in Italy. Bergamo is rich with Italian culture and welcomes every individual that steps in the country from any part of the world.

There are six cafes and restaurants in the terminal showcasing some of the things for which Italy is best known for. The cuisine in the region are rich in alpine-Venetian, dishes of polenta, game and an array of locally made cheeses, in addition delicious pieces of salamis are also found in them. There is also place to sit and have light snacks with tea or coffee or enjoy a cold cup of ice cream while you wait. There are not many shops on the ground but still essential shops are there, such as pharmacy shop in the arrivals hall and shops to buy duty free goods and newspapers. There are also a few non-essential shops available, such as florist shop, leather goods shop, clothing boutiques and accessories’ shop.

There are currently 20 airlines in the Bergamo airport directory, providing their services to the customers for national and international flights. Some flights operate all year round and some operate seasonal flights. Some prominent airlines operating all year round are, Ryanair, Danube Wings, Carpatair, Blue Air, Air Dolomiti, Air Arabia Egypt and Air Arabia Maroc. Some prominent seasonal airlines operating are Iceland Express,, Jetairfly, Neos, Nouvelair and Onur Air. There are several airlines that going to start operating from this year such as, OLT Express, Meridiana Fly, MAT Airways, TACV, Volotea and Wizz Air.

Being the busiest airport of Italy, the Bergamo airport processes a huge number of passengers annually. In 2005 it was estimated that Bergamo airport processed 4.4 million passengers and till date in the year 2011 the number increased by 95% to 8.4 million passengers. Obviously the statistics show the growth of the airport and the numbers of passengers are still increasing.

When you’ve arrived at Bergamo airport and realized that you have forgotten to get your money exchanged before you left, there is nothing to fret about. Maccorp desk is in the terminal of the airport, where you can exchange the currency with ease or cash traveller’s check. You can also buy pre-paid phone cards or top-up cards. There are also two banks available with cash points that operate 24/7.

All the major airports don’t let anybody wait in the VIP lounges other than the business class or first class passengers. However, Bergamo airport has always had a friendly relationship with all its customers; it lets everybody wait just for €15. In that fee you get a lot of facilities, free internet access, SKY television, hot and cold refreshments, socket to plug-in your PC and teletext.

Once you’ve arrived there are several ways to travel other than the Bergamo car hire, although it is convenient and cost effective. Facilities of shuttle busses can also be provided to customers that regularly leave for Milan and Bergamo after every 30 minutes. You can also avail services of Bergamo airport transfers or taxis to move around or outside the city. You can also travel outside the city via train or coaches. There are several low cost coaches available providing their services. You can travel outside of Bergamo to other cities such as, Lugano, Trentino, Zermatt, Lombardy and Aosta Valley.

It is a small airport however it has taken account of every little detail to provide their customers the best experience when travelling via Bergamo airport.