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Bergamo Airport Arrivals

Bergamo is a small airport, but it can get very busy, especially at peak times and when delays occur. With this in mind it is good idea to keep up to date with arrival times, especially if you intent to collect a passenger from the airport. This will ensure you don’t arrive too early.

To help with tracking a flight, we have provided live timings of flight arrivals above. The flights which are arriving first will come on top of the chart, and the rest will be listed below.

A traveller’s information about a flight is really important because they have to board it, but it’s also important for friend or relatives who need the information in order to know what time they have to pick a passenger up from the airport. In this way people can plan accordingly and be at the airport at the designated time and take account of the transit time.

In this manner the can wind up your work accordingly and get to the airport without worrying about the chores left to do. If someone is concerned about the timings of the arrival of a flight they can simply visit this website. We have made it extremely user friendly with the aim is to give travellers, and their friends and family, the comfort and convenience of keeping track arrival times.

Arrival Procedures

Like all other airports you will pass through, you will be required to clear security and passport controls before going on to collect your baggage. The clearance area isn’t as large as many you may have visited before, so queues may be likely at busy time, but the airport is quite efficient with dealing with passengers quickly.

After clearing security, you are free to proceed to the baggage reclaim area with is clearly signed and just a short walk from passport control. You will find several carousels in the baggage reclaim area, each displaying a flight number. Simply check your flight number if you are unaware, and proceed to the correct carousel and wait for your luggage. This process is quicker than most airports, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for your luggage.

In the unlikely event that your luggage is lost or damaged, there is a baggage desk in the reclaim are which can assist you, otherwise you can make your way to the arrival hall.

The Arrivals Hall

After passing through all the transit procedures you will reach the arrivals hall where you will approach the public transport and car rental desks. There is a tourist information office (tel: +39 35 320 402) where you can book hotel rooms or purchase tourism cards for the city which will give you discounts on public transport and attractions.

If you wish to leave your baggage in the arrivals hall for any reason, there is a service provided by the bus company Autostradale (tel: +39 35 318 472) where they will hold baggage up to 25 kilos of €4.00 per day, and €6.00 per day for heavier baggage. You can visit their website here.

The arrivals hall has excellent facilities for travellers with disability problems. There are wheelchair ramps, special toilets and telephones with the hearing impaired. There are also relief pathways for the visually impaired.

To help you get to your final destination, here are some of the transport options you can take:

  • Hire a car from one of the car hire desks in the arrivals hall
  • Catch a bus into Bergamo
  • Take a train from Bergamo into Milan
  • Go to the taxi ranks that are located just outside the terminal
  • Or book a private transfer or pay for a seat on a private shuttle bus

You can find information about public transport in our getting to and from section here.