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Bergamo Airport Trains

Bergamo airport is one of the busiest airports and there are many means of transportation to get to and from the airport. You can reach to the airport directly by bus, taxi or your rented car. However, some means of travelling can be more costly than others.

Many people have easy access to a train station and can easily get to the nearest stop to the city of Bergamo. There is no direct train link to the airport though, but it's just a 10 to 15 minute ride the Airport Bus to get from the city to the airport. The train station is located in the south eastern part of the city in an area called Piazza Guglielmo Marconi.

Many people who travel via a train use the Airport Bus, which leaves the airport/the city every 20 minutes throughout the day. You can find out more about this bus link on our bus page.

Bergamo Train Station

Although there is not train station at the airport, having a train station close by in the city allows passengers with easy access to all the major cities in Italy and Europe by going through the Central Station in Milan (Milano Centrale).

Trains run from Bergamo to Milan's central station hourly on weekdays, and slightly longer periods at weekends. This trains will stop at Verdello-Dalmine, Pioltello-Limito and Milan Lambrate before reaching Milano Centrale station. The journey takes between 40 and 50 minutes and costs start at €4.80 per person (as of 2017).

There is a second station in Milan, Porta Garibaldi, which may also be suitable for your journey. It takes slightly longer through to reach Milan as it stops at several more stations. Nonetheless, the whole rail network in Italy is highly regarded; it is efficient, runs on time and economical.

You can find more about the fares and schedules by visiting the Italian Railways website at

Purchasing and Validating your Ticket

Whenever you travel on a train in Italy, your first need to purchase a ticket. Once you have a ticket it must then be validated before you board the train.

Validating your ticket is simple. You will find a special yellow box located on the platform where you insert your ticket to get it stamped. Once it's been stamped your ticket will be valid for the next 6 hours for journeys that are up to 200 kilometres or 24 hours for journeys that are over 200 kilometres.

If you fail to validate or purchase a ticket you can get a fine of at least €30.00.