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Bergamo Airport Transfers & Taxis

The most convenient way to get from the airport to your destination is by taxi or a private transfer. Taxis are quick and easy for passengers who want to continue their onward journey without having to wait after a long flight. Taxis also have the convenience of a door to door service, so they are a great benefit for families with young children, business people or hard to reach places where public transport cannot provide a solution.

You will find the taxi rank conveniently located just outside of the main terminal. It is clearly signed from within the arrivals hall, so it is easy to find. It is not necessary to make a reservation in advance as there are normally pliantly of taxis available, but if you prefer to do so, you can call Radiotaxi on + 39 (0) 35 4519090.

Please be aware if taxis can only carry up to 4 passengers, so if you are travelling in a large group you will require multiple taxis or need to book a private transfer in advance.


Whenever you intent to take a taxi, always confirm the price with the driver beforehand so there are no nasty surprises when you arrive. In general though, a taxis from airport to the city of Bergamo should cost approximately €30.00 for the 8 kilometre journey. If you intent to take a taxi straight to Milan, the cost will be approximately €80.00 to €90.00 for the 60 kilometre journey.

Although taxis are readily available, there could be a queue at peak times. If this occurs there could be a wait of anywhere up to 30 minutes. If this occurs, taxi queues will be organised by security officials, so no queue jumping occurs.

Pre-Booked Private Transfers

A private transfer is the most convent method of transportation available and if you pre-book a private transfer you can be sure your group all travel together in complete safety. With a private transfer you will have a driver waiting for you in the arrivals hall, so all you need to do is collect your luggage and look for a driver holding up a board with your name on in the arrivals hall.

The driver will assist you with your baggage and take you directly to a waiting vehicle, where it will be loaded and you will swiftly be on your way to your destination, thus there will be no queue or waiting for other transport solutions.

Private transfers are the most expensive option, typically it would cost around €100.00 to €120.00 to go from Bergamo Airport to Milan centre which is approximately 60 kilometres. You can find prices or book a private transfer with companies like You can find their website here.

If you are looking to take a long journey, you may find that hiring a car becomes a cheaper option, especially if you intend to take a taxi in the return journey. You can check out our prices for car hire here to see if it's more effective for you.