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Bergamo airport is an important airport of Italy, as it is the most favorite choice of customers to travel from, hence making it one of the busiest airports in Italy. The airport processes huge number of national and international passengers annually. The transit procedures of the Bergamo airport is a bit detailed thus is it essential that you arrive before the time of the flight. Due to this you need to schedule and plan your arrival at the airport accordingly, and take a mean of transport that and get you to the airport on time. If you have your own car then it is the most convenient way of travelling, you can then comfortably arrive at the airport and park your car at the short term parking or long term parking areas. Having your own means of transportation give you the opportunity to be a bit flexible in loaning ad scheduling.

Bergamo airport is almost 5 km southeast of Bergamo city and will take about 10 minutes if there is less traffic for you to get to the airport. In majority people travel to Milan which is about 45 km away from Bergamo airport and will take about 60 minutes when there is less traffic. People can use GPS systems installed in their mobiles or navigation systems for further guidance to reach from their destination to Bergamo airport. This is one the most amazing and convenient facilities provided by the telecommunication companies. Having your own car will give you the advantage of travelling without paying any fares and you can come to the airport without have to wait for the bus, taxi or the train to arrive. The main roads are easily navigated and accessible in order to provide easy access to people who do not know much about the Bergamo routes. Once at the airport you can simply park the car, get through the transit procedure and board your flight.

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