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Bars, Restaurants & Cafes

There are many great places to eat and drink at Bergamo airport. There is a good selection of restaurants that serve international and Italian cuisine, and numerous bars, wine bars and cafes for an alcoholic beverage and a fine cup of Italian coffee. You will also find a self-service restaurant for quick snacks and hot and cold meals.

If you love coffee and want to enjoy a great espresso, latte or cappuccino before you fly, check out the Segafredo coffee shop. Segafredo is one of the most popular coffee brands in Italy and it is described as the "Ambassador of the Italian Coffee Culture", so coffee lovers must visit this shop. The alternatives are Espressamente Illy and the Tentazioni Caffè; both offer equally good cups of coffee.

Panino Giusto is one of the favourite places at the airport for a panini, focaccia and pizza. All their ingredients are fresh, including the dough, with high-quality ingredients, so this makes it unique when compared to other focacceria.

Please be aware that food and drink at the airport is not that cheap. Most airports have inflated prices, and Bergamo is no exception. If you are on a budget, it may be best eat before you arrive or bring food with you.

What Restaurants & Bars are in the Terminal?

Below we have listed all the bars, restaurants and cafes that you will find in the terminal so you can get an idea of the food and drink that is on offer.

Beerstrotheque Elav
(+39) 035 330346
Food & Beverage
(+39) 035 4596296
Delice Maison
Food & Beverage
Espressamente Illy
Coffee Shop
(+39) 035 4596296
Pasticceria Giovanni Cavalleri
(+39) 035 322348
Green Bar Gnam
Bar & Snacks
(+39) 035 424 3426
Marianna S.r.l.
Coffee Shop
(+39) 035 459 6273
Fast Food
(+39) 035 459 6296
Coffee & Bakery
(+39) 348 0918141
Panino Giusto
Focacce & Pizzas
(+39) 035 006 0065
Pasta Di Stigliano
Italian Food
(+39) 328 0421546
Neapolitan Food
Coffee & Food
(+39)348 0918141
Tentazioni Caffè
Coffee & Food
(+39) 348 0918141
Food & Beverage
(+39) 035 330 101
Wine Bar Santa Cristina - Moka
Wine Bar
(+39) 035 319 542
Wine Gate 11
Wine Bar
(+39) 342210392

Interactive Walkthrough

You can take a walkthrough with the interactive map below to see all the restaurants and bars in the departures lounge. If you would like to see more interactive maps of the airport, have a look at this page.