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Interactive Maps, Images & Walkthroughs

You can view all the main areas of the airport by looking through the interactive maps below. Everything can be seen from where you need to park a vehicle to collect or drop off a passenger, the desk where you need to check-in, the shopping area within the post-security area and where you collect your luggage.

Simply use your mouse to turn the images around and click an area to move forwards or backwards.

Departures Forecourt

View the departures forecourt before you arrive to see where you can drop off passengers and park your vehicle.

Departures Hall & Check-in Area (Pre-Security)

Take a tour through the departures terminal (before security) to see all the shops, restaurants and bars available. You can also see the check-in area and the desks to buy flight tickets.

Departures Lounge (Post-Security)

Do you want to have a look at the shopping area in the departures lounge?

More shops, restaurants and the waiting area can be seen below.

Boarding Gates

Seating and shops close to the boarding gates.

Arrivals Forecourt

Take a tour outside of the arrivals area to see the taxi & bus park and public car parking area.

Arrivals Hall & Car Hire Desks

View the waiting area in the arrivals hall if you are waiting for a passenger and the car hire desks if you are collecting a vehicle when you land.

Baggage Reclaim Area and Lost & Found Desk