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Bergamo Airport Parking

Annually, Bergamo airport processes almost 4.5 million passengers and compared to this rate Bergamo airport needs a huge parking space to accommodate all the cars. Parking facilities have to accommodate the entire car rental fleet that is waiting for their customer's arrival and they also have to accommodate administrations cars and the relatives' car that are there to pick the traveller up, as well as passengers going on holiday. Keeping this in mind, it has to be a huge parking lot.

Bergamo airport is one of the busiest airports in Italy and is the major route to Milan. The airport has always taken all customer queries into account and their top priority is their customers. Hence, they will go to drastic measures to satisfy their needs. Due to this, it is the most favoured airport by the customer and they love the friendly administration and customer interaction.

On-Site Parking

Bergamo airport has extensive parking facilities that can hold up to 5,400 cars, of which 1,000 parking spaces are undercover. The parking lot is managed by Skypark who takes account of all the parking fares and timings.

The parking lot is divided into three parts; P1, P2 and P3. P1 is connected to the terminal and are only for cars that need to be parked for a short period, such as collecting passengers. This is the most expensive option with rates starting at €2.00 for the first hour.

P2 is located about 100 meters from the terminal and is further divided into two parts; the first is 'Open Air' for cars that need to be parked for several days, the rates start from €9.00 per day for the first four days and then €7.50 per day after that. The second 'Covered Area' which is marked as P2A and P2B and are for vehicles that need to be parked for several hours. The rates start at €8.00 for first eight hours.

P3 is the newest parking area and it is approximately 800 meters from the terminal. Again there are 2 options, 'Open Air' and 'Covered Area'. Prices start at approximately €7.00 per day for the covered area and €4.50 for the open air parking. Since it is located further away than P2, a shuttle bus is required. There is a free service available with a frequency of every 20 minutes.

You can get a quote for booking your on-site parking by using the form above.

Off-Site Parking

There are also a number of off-site car parking providers located within 4 kilometres of the airport. Prices are generally cheaper but require a transfer from the parking space to the airport, which is supplied.

Off-site parking companies include the following:

  • Fast Parking
  • ParkinGo
  • CiaoParking
  • Azzurro Caravaggio Park
  • Vola Parking
  • Orio Al Serio Parking
  • Orio BigPark

Prices at the car parks start at around €2.50 per day, so there could be a big saving if you don't mind taking a 10-minute ride on a shuttle bus.

For the cheapest price, it's always best to book before you arrive as there is normally a premium on all car parking of bookings on arrival. You can compare all the price and book your parking online using the form above.